“Diane, thank you for all your help and support. I know I keep saying this to you. . . but truly it means so much to have someone like you in our corner advocating for our son. You have reduced my anxiety and have brought me great peace regarding his school experience.”

“They say everyone comes into your life for a purpose. Your presence in my life made a great change. Thank you so much.”

“You were integral in helping us build a case that was winnable against a difficult (to say the least) school district. We will never forget how important your coaching and direction was in enabling us to fight for our son.”

“I’m so annoyed that the school managed to delay this earlier! I’m so glad we have you to sort this all out, though. I sure would be lost!”

“Just wanted to say thank for your hard work and knowledge to get my son into the right educational program. We can all breathe better now.”

“Thanks for your help with all of this. Yesterday was the first time I felt they took me seriously.”

“We would never have been able to get through the past year without all your knowledge and help.  You really do make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you so much for your services. If you would like to use us as a reference, please feel free.  We tell everyone who will listen how wonderful you were for us!!!”

“Thank you! You do such important work protecting children’s educational rights!”

“Thank you for doing your magic with these letters! You are worth your weight in gold!”

“I cannot thank you enough – you absolutely rocked!!”

“When I was up against (name of special education director) by myself, it was frustrating. . . I do not know what I would have done without you helping me advocate for my son’s education.” 

“You have an uncanny ability to keep me grounded when I’m ready to fly off the handle! Your calm demeanor and expertise are perfect when emotions are running high.”

“WOW, Diane. This is great! I like the assertive language in the letter.”

“Thank you SO much for all of your help in the last couple of years. We could’ve never gotten as far as we did without you!”

“What a relief to be working with someone who knows what they’re doing.  Today was the first day I had any hope that we could get through this in one piece.”

“I have never been in awe of ANYBODY at a PPT until yesterday.  Thank you for your leadership and such a positive experience!!”  

“All of the information that you provided was very useful. I felt very confident and prepared going into the meeting.  Ultimately the meeting was very productive. Again, your support was priceless and helped turn the tide for my kid.”

“Thank you for your expertise, accuracy, compassion and straight forward approach that clearly made the difference in my son receiving the help he needed! Although this process is just unfolding, Diane has been my ‘Ace in the Hole!’ I will forever be grateful!”

“If I could find an icon of me jumping up and down hugging you, I’d send it.”